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First a little word for the copyright

All published photos are made by myself and by that I decided to license them under the Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND).
You are of course allowed to use my photos privately. If you share them, please link them back to me if possible.

The main reason for the copyright may be obvious: Photography is a hobby which doesn't pay me money. As by that if you earn money with any of my work I'm not greedy but like a fair share.
For any commercial use, please contact me first.


Many photos are taken on public places or showing things that are visible fom there. For that I'm always trying to care for not to show anybody in a compromising or insulting circumstance. In case I failed and you should find yourself or your property in a picture which you don't agree with, please don't hesitate to contact me and give me the URL of the photo for I can remove it from my gallery immediately.


As with a painting, a photo does not necessarily have to reproduce a view or object in the most natural way. Altering the raw picture from the camera is a way to create something unique with an atmosphere reflecting the idea of the creator.
For any creative work there is no claim that everybody has to like the results - everything is a matter of taste.

Color photo

For most photos it's quite obvious that I like HDR and tonemapping.
For the HDR I mostly use 3 or 5 photos in 1EV-steps. The tonemapping is individually adjusted to each picture with different software (yet without Photoshop).

Infrared (Black&White)

Some of my cameras are converted to full spectrum - the filter which keeps the non visible light (near infrared and ultra violet) away from the sensor is removed. Mostly I use a filter instead which lets the infrared pass and keeps most of the visible light out.
Filers I commonly use are
  • 720nm (on the Sony DSC-RX100)
  • 950nm for most situations
  • 850nm for lower light
The resulting photos are black&white as per setting in the camera and with a custom white balance. With those settings many photos don't even need a postprocessing. Still HDR sometimes is applied.
A colored photo would however be dark pink to red and not very attractive.

Infrared (False Color)

If a filter is used which lets infrared plus a part of the visible light pass, colors can partially be restored in postprocessing. This does not necessarily mean to restore the natural colors as the human eye can see them but rather replace them with "false colors" to create special effects.
Filers I commonly use for false color are
  • 630nm for most pictures
  • 590nm - also called "the golden filter" - for yellow / golden foilage